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Hello and greetings to you from where ever you are in the world, and welcome to the agile people podcast.

We're coming to you via, and each episode will be distributed to all major podcast platforms, for your listening pleasure.

We relaunched the podcast on Mon 30th May, 2022, and plan to release episodes on a regular basis as we have a have a number of great guest speakers (already recorded), and more in the pipeline.

We have 2 streams of content at present, each carrying several episodes.

- Authors of "Agile People Principles"
Our re-launch will be spear-headed by the founder of Agile People, Pia-Maria Thorén, on
her chapter on "Authenticity", which she wrote with 35 Agile People Coaches and
Facilitators around the globe. Together they co-created the book "Agile People Principles
- Your Call to Action for the Future of Work".

- Stories from Reality
1. Unleashing the Potential of Teams
2. Accelerating Agility with Value Based Decisions
3. From Talent Challenges to Opportunities
4. Beyond Budgeting

Commencing today, we will (re)launch our first episode, followed by a new one every 2 weeks thereafter. In addition to that we will of course be dropping bonus episodes, so please keep checking where ever you play your podcasts, for new episodes as they become available.

You can catch all our episodes on and if you'd like to know more about Agile People, pop on over to

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